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(x) Thin stressed geometric sans in Another Magazine - Fashion Thin (proprietary face) {Mike F}

I'm trying to identify this typeface used in Another Magazine. I have a client who really loves it and is dead keen on using it for her stationary. I have looked all over the place trying to find it ... it has me stumped.


Thank you!

In this video Wiederin explains that he drew it from scratch, along with other custom fonts for Another Mag. I think he may even be referring to this thread at 5:43.

So does anyone know where you can actually get the Fashion thin typeface?

Wow Frode that's one beautiful typeface. Is it out yet?
Thx Stephen coles for pointing me to this thread.

Nowhere as it's a bespoke typeface designed exclusively by Alex Wiederin for Another Magazine. So, not available to sell.
Some alternatives you may like: Carisma,Vanitas, Stark Debonair (digitally and freely available under the name of Retro Super Skinny), COM4t Fine, Sang Bleu Sans

fontcorn: No not quite yet, but contact me offline will you?

I'm working on something similar.

Yours is much nicer, Frank.

Lovely, Frode!

See also Eric Sans

Wow, there’s actually quite a few faces in there I would like to see revived in digital form (such as … Oxford, …)

Oxford came to digital life this year as Sportowy by Ralph M. Unger (Profonts)

Thanks Ryuk! Much appreciated.

Ryuk, the Stark Debonair is really nice! Do you know where I could download that or is the retro Super Skinny the closest?

Ryuk, the Stark Debonair is really nice! Do you know where I could download that or is the retro Super Skinny the closest?

That's the only one I know.

Thank you. I have heaps of work left on it. I hope I'll get around to it some time.

Truly enjoyed that from the start, Stephen. Thanks so much for the link!

This is entirely aside from my appreciation of the post but ... I am trying hard to understand how such a flat affect and inspired artistry plus new fatherhood can coexist in the same person. How?

(I am in the medical profession and so know no better description than "flat affect". What is meant, though, is an almost bored, emotionless demeanor.)

Thanks I hope this Magazine will encapsulate all the fashions and zara divas a long with the Web and GUI fashion designers.

My sample from above, was released in late 2012 as Vinter. It grew into something quite different, but — I dare say — much better.

Thanks again Ryuk. And thanks Frode! Award winning Vinter, it is lovely. Well done.

A magazine custom font perhaps...

It looks really familiar. I tried modifying AvantGarde and got close. It looks like a cross between AvantGarde and a thin version of a sans serif Bodoni... which probably means it's a custom font.

WIth a little Optima thrown in - the stresses.

But none of those are it.

Have a look at Intention by T26 - not a match but similar


There might be some Peignot in there as well.

- Lex

In fact, it might be Peignot Light with a white stroke added.

- Lex

Brilliant guess, Lex. I got this via email a few days ago and never even imagined the negative stroke.

They are both really close. Peignot Light is very similar. Looking at some of the pages on the Another Mag site, some of the letter forms are different. i have attatched a couple more images showing a few more combos and an example of the lower case.

Man, this one got me to dig out really old Letraset sample books. I'm thumbing through the 1980 edition right now, examining faces like Camellia, Fino, Premiere Lightline and a few other "vintage" ultra light faces. Wow, there's actually quite a few faces in there I would like to see revived in digital form (such as Yagi Link Double, Oxford, Magnificat, Company and its later slotted "Transmission" variant).

I'm stumped regarding the sample. But fascinated taking a look through yesteryear sample books. Ah, the days of rub on type. About the only thing I can use my burnishing tool for these days is digging ear wax out of my ears! Sorry for the disgusting image. Hehe.

I tried the stroke on Peignot Light and it still had too much contrast, and some of the stroke modulation wasn't the same.

- Lex

Sorry to input but the _a_ really bothers me in this example and all the other examples I see where the _d_ is merely the a with an ascender. A girl in my year won a film poster national competition with some free font she downloaded and it had this same awkwardness to it, maybe it's just me though. Can't stand it.

Good luck on finding a match!

hey all!

i am actually in the process of working on a project where someone pulled out a reference of this from an old issue of Harpers Bazaar from 1969... and it was this exact typeface. my best guess is that this is 100% custom and that Another Mag just used it as a reference...

i also went straight to my trust old phil's fonts "homage to the alphabet" photolettering bible with no luck. maybe its flying under the radar but i feel like this one's a custom.

thanks for all your help with this one. I think i need to go to the drawing board and work on a customised version of this baby.

Ta-Ke-Shi, from the MyFonts ID Forum, has several times identified this as Fashion Thin, a custom typeface by Alex Wiederin of Buero New York. Use the dropdown menu on the left to choose Typography and you'll see several examples.

Mike, sometimes I wouldn't know what we'd do without you (stoopid things I guess). :^)

Wow. thanks. That's it alright.