Felix Titling and Laser Printers

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I recently designed a logo with a word mark and have had some problems with the font Felix Titling (Open Type). When it's printed on a laser printer the font becomes broken and difficult to read.

I am trying to offer a solution to the client, however they really like the font and want to keep it in their logo.

Any suggestions as to why the font is not printing clearly on laser printers?


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That's an awfully thin face to be used in a logo that may need to be reduced rather small. Have you tried turning the font to outlines?

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I hear ya... thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a shot.

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Maybe try centring the book above text just by looking? Its shape kinda tends to lean on the left side of text when it's centred geometrically...

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I think we're going to change the font in the logo even though the client really likes it and the logo design.

Thanks for looking at my work.

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