"Invasion" television series logo

Hi! Can anyone identify the type (or suggest lookalike one) from "Invasion" logo?


could be a heavily edited alternate gothic, dont think the original typeface was so blurry and if you look at the two i and n, you clearly see different "mistakes" in the lettershape.

I disagree - looks like a font to me. Don't know it tho.

they dont match exactly, also i only had «Alternate Gothic No 2 BT» to use here at work, but if you look at the irregularities.. it seems like the copied and then slightly changed the "grungy" parts again - the i-dots are similar but exactly the same.

but im not really sure either..

Patricia is right, the dots and the bumps on the stem of the i are identical. This is probably a freeware font.

I guess you could consider FF Kipp a lookalike.

If you happen to have a license for Alternate Gothic, just use that (don't forget to rotate the s ;^) and grunge it up using my FontFeed tutorial.

i still think the designer grunged it manually, the dots are similar, but as said, not identical. the bumps on the i-stems are identical , but that could be because he just copied the one that looked better after the "grunging". (all those newly created words.. ouch)

but oh well, maybe someone else knows the exact font.