admittedly some of it's on the wonk.

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hello there.

This is my first proper attempt at a text face, or at any typeface
at all, having only recently rekindled an interest in typography
after a degree in animation.

This came from ideas that had been bubblin around in my head after looking at a lot of type, plus reading something on this site about Dwiggins M-Formula which then lead me to a type posted by Miguel Hernandez. I must state that i have not attempted to make my own version of Miguel's typeface and have not referred to it since undertaking my own designs, but it did interest me and have an influence.

As I said this is my first typeface so forgive me any glaringly obvious mistakes. I am trying to find my footing in type design rather than having a particular goal in mind which is why my approach is somewhat slapdash.

Also I've no idea what to call it, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

cheers, Graham.

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