Latest Issue of CA: Illustration Annual

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Every year I sit down with the CA Illustration Annual to take a look at all of the amazing talent and every year I wish I'd paid more attention in my drawing classes. Page by page I see people telling stories or explaining articles in ways that I can't. I get jealous. This year was no different. There really are some--scratch that--a huge amount of amazingly talented illustrators out there.

This year after about 45 minutes of "oooh" and "aaaah" and "woooowww" I arrived at the end feeling, once again, stupid for not paying attention. Flipping a few more pages I came across and ad for Veer with a fellow Typophile, Armin Vit, proclaiming in 60 pt Avenir bold that he couldn't draw. I was lifted and humored all at the same time. :^) Thanks, Armin! You rock!

By the way, Edel has several illustrations in there that prove his skill is more than, what some of you thought, trite cliche. Nice work Edel.


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Gee Tiff, now you make me feel guilty for being able to draw :-)


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I'm taking an illustration class this summer, we'll see how it goes!

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I wasn't trying to make anyone feel guilty. Not much anyway. ;^) It just truly is amazing. Maybe I wouldn't appreciate the talent as much if I could do it myself.

Good luck, David. :^)

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Probably the same feeling I get when I look at a type book.

Illustrator's always discuss if designers are still into illustration, so it's nice to hear this. There seems to be a lot of use of stock photo or straight type in design. Maybe it has to do with schools and how they separate illustrators from designers sometimes. I've always thought the two should work on more projects together in school, it would be good for everyone and sets a good foundation.

David, have fun with the class, use what you know already with type, there can be a lot of overlap.

Thanks Tiffany for the public display of affection :-)


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