Strange grotesque

Any idea what that is? Cheers.


Looks like a hand rendered version of Arial.

could it be Adobe Sans filling in for a missing font? I can't remember what it looks like -- but this one is sure odd.

Adobe Sans looks like a bizarre mix between News Gothic and Myriad. This certainly isn't it.

My money's on one of the little-seen Eastern Bloc grotesques.

Hey Iznik -- where's this from?

Whatever the typeface may be, it's really very ugly. It looks like someone took Arial Black and made it even uglier.

Whatever it is they must've used the "bold" feature in FontLab or something as it really is fugly.

I'm surprised by the negative reaction. I find it charmingly awkward.

Fair enough, maybe fugly is a little harsh.

You want fugly? How 'bout Lining Gothic 545. And every foundry had a version of this ugly little number. It has some of the same quality as your grotesk, but i don't think it's the same...

It must have been some font filling in as I got that instead
of Folio. My ATM also says its using Adobe Sans as a
substitute for missing fonts but it doesn't let me check the
character set. So maybe this isn't a regular font at all?

Charmingly awkward is what I'd call it too, I also dig that
Lining Gothic 545. If you people can recommend any other
awkward grotesque typefaces, keep them coming!

Thanks everyone.

Personally, I think these two are just ugly. For the real charming stuff, I'd look to Akzidenz Grotesk and Monotype Grotesque for its charming inconsistency throughout weights and Bureau Grotesque and Maple for a charming interpretation of the Stephenson Blake grotesques of the late 1800s. For something akin to the charmingly fugly ATF old favourite Railroad Gothic, you can’t go wrong with Titling Gothic FB and H&FJ's Champion Gothic and the Knockout Series. :^D