Older versions of a font better then newer releases?

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Older versions of a font better then newer releases?

Is it ever the case that a newer version, such as a converted TTF or PS font to an OTF font will be worse then it was in its original format. I ask because i have several duplicates, along with the recent OTF releases, and am wondering if it is worth keeping multiple ones around, or readily accessible, or if I can just remove them, and use the OTF primarily. I can just keep the older version as a backup.

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I'd probably archive them to a CD or something. You might need one of them for compatibility reasons at some point.

I can say for our part at Adobe, I believe that 99% of the time the newer versions are clearly technically superior. The other 1% of the time there are some sort of bugs that yield some tradeoffs. Of course, we fix any known bugs, so in another year or two it will be close to 100%.