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Hi everybody ! This is my first post on typophile, and I would greatly appreciate to get some feedback on this design. I've been working on it for a few weeks. It is my first serif typeface, although I think small text sizes won't work. thanks in advance for comments !Gentry specimen

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So far, I like it. Not sure about the empty gap in the number four where the strokes cross. Could you render out a few sentences with it that mix caps and lowercase so I can easily compare letterform heights/descenders, etc?

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Very elegant, beautiful, and distinctive. My only advice would be to raise the crossbar of the F to match that of the E.

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Whow, that is reactivity !
Well, about the strokes on the number four, these are just crossing paths which were not merged, as I wasn't sure of the overall design of this numeral so far.
Here is a further sample of some lines... If you meant smaller text sizes and longer lines, I'll provide.
I have doubts on the uppercase K and the Euro symbol...Gentry - Test drive 2

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