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Seems to be »handmade«…

here is a typo i don't know. Could you tell perhaps.
Thanks and regards,


Looks like a version of STOP I believe.

Edit: But STOP never had lowercase that I am aware of. Hmm.

It's Motter Tektura.

- Lex

The only digital version I know of is from Paratype.

- Lex

I wonder if this logotype might have had some input from a sign making business.

I have this (called just Motter) as a font with my Signlab vinyl cutting program from Cadlink.

Also ...

Thomas Harvey digitized this as Mottek over a decade ago and Aaron Beck tweaked it as Cupertino
nearly as long ago. Your best bet is the Paratype version where font quality is at stake, though.

Incidentally, Motter Tektura was the typeface used for Apple's first logo.