"A New City Guide" Font

Hello, does anyone know what this font is?


Let’s say it’s thin Helvetica.
The connectors are probably added in Illustrator.
The w is a upside down m.
The a is a modified d.
And g is combined from u and g.
Also c, e and t are modified.

Well, maybe not Helvetica but close.

Of course, Avant Garde would be close to this, except for the lowercase "y".

To me it looks that the text was artificially condensed, too.

I think the Avant Garde Gothic idea is better, because fewer changes would be needed. That's my vote too.

- Mike Yanega

If you want the exact same look, you’d have to modify Avant Garde more than Helvetica. In my opinion. Avant Garde is too wide, Condensed is too narrow. Plus it doesn’t have an equal weight. Helvetica Thin is quite close.