Fattening up Centaur: Is this the solution?

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There was a post here a while ago by a member (my apologies, but the name escapes me) who had an interesting idea:

Throw our current Bembo or Centaur into Fontlab and apply some vertical and horizontal bold effect in order to fatten up these otherwise sad victims of digitization. I tried that with the Cetnaur we have now, and it looks and reads much better.

I applied a 5-horizontal, 5-vertical bold effect, nothing else changed. My question is: Even though what I did looks good, what would the more experienced users/designers recommend? A little more bold? A little less? And finally, is doing this a good idea? It Seems a bit blasphemous, but effective all the same. Could this be the solution - all that is needed to "fix" Centaur, Bembo, and other unfortunates? Or is my inexperience getting the better of me?

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The unfortunates would still need to be used at approximately the size of the pattern digitised (12 pt for Centaur, 9 pt for Bembo), and bad kernings can need repair. I used 2x2 and 3x3 emboldenings for Centaur, but I'm certainly not an experienced designer.

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