Paula Fox "The Coldest Winter" book cover square sans

Not Agency, not Refrigerator, not Nomad (yes, I searched myfonts for square sans)

Any ideas?


Hmmm, not Bourgeois from Jonathan Barnbrook/Virus Fonts, either.

I think Refrigerator is closer than the others you cited (and by a typophile) but it lacks the funky W and R of the sample.

Maybe Liquorstore?

Maybe Nicotine?

Both nice (and have great names) but I'm really looking for an ID not a suggestion for an alternative.

We just got spanked!

No! Of course I appreciate the suggestions. I don't have a specific use for this font but was really struck by it and hoped to find out its name in case I want to purchase it later. Hoped it was from some boutique foundry one of y'all know about that I don't.

I think it might be a combo of Nicotine and Nicotine Jazz, but it's hard to tell from those small samples. Also reminds me of stuff. (Nope, close but no cigar :) It definitely looks "chank-ish" though.

Cape Arcona has some nice fonts and well priced, thanks for the tip.

I don't think the R matches either Nicotine. It's definitely a font because it's used pretty extensively on the jacket, not just for the title. The designer is a friend of a friend so I may try to find out that way.

You are correct. Not sure if it may be a different chank font, he's got some others that are similar (I think)...

Could be, but the way that site is designed I'll never find out.

Nobody else?

Patty, I checked the stuff I have collected in my Sans Guide and also scoured the two Indie Fonts books. The ones that have been mentioned were about the closest I saw too. The only other idea I had was 'Cachet', which has the R and W, but not quite the right S, and the C isn't closed enough.

- Mike Yanega

We suck.

Not many sans serif fonts have the same WWII and industrial feel than this one.

You get to take a look inside the book on Amazon.

It reminds me of the lettering of fighter planes and bombers during WW2 and Korea. I can't find the URL for the site that sells those fonts, sorry... (hundreds of bookmarks and unorganized).

Edit: Nope, not quite right. See:
But then, these examples are from more recent lettering styles, so...?

Oh well, thanks everyone. I may try going to the horse's mouth directly.

It's a great book too... altho they stuck some superfluous photos in, no doubt to stretch it a bit.

I thought I'd got it with Lineto's Freundschaft, not even shouting range of a cigar though.
Can't link directly to it, under the historic category.


you can link directly, there's always the direct link in the bottom part of the menu.

*advertisment* if its only a few words or even a logo (and a free project) i could give you my octroy, but its only a illustrator-file. its a bit more in the sovjet-direction i think.

I promise to let you all know when I find it. I've been to busy to get in touch with my friend who knows the designer.

Just discovered Nick Serman's Plan 9 that is worth mentioning in this genre.

Any news, Patty?

Add another to the list: Gagarin

horse's mouth: Jennifer Carrow

Ah, Ricardo slips in with another clue. Did you check the book jacket or do you know her?

Nah, I just did some Googling and found an image of the back cover. She also did the jacket for Paula Fox's previous memoir, Borrowed Finery. But I haven't been able to find anything like a website or online portfolio for this designer.

My copy (hard cover) says Jacket Design by Raquel Jaramillo. I actually know Raquel - or did awhile back - but she didn't reply to my email query.

I guess I was looking at an image of the paperback version, then. You can't tell the difference, with these damn pixels! ;-D