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ok. so it's not much to look at. it's definitely not refined and it's in no way a finished face. BUT, it is sketches. and even though there's only something like 15 characters "done", i've been working on this for the better part of 9 months and motivation dries up quickly. so to stay interested in designing this i'll post some of my initial sketches. not so much for critique (comments are much appreciated, of course) but more to know other people are seeing it as well.

i think my starting point was from looking at Bulmer and reading the chapter on Caledonia in Anatomy of a Typeface. there is just about no relation visually to Bulmer but it was most definitely the face i looked at for inspiration in forms. i hope someday this thing could be a continuous text face. something readable. but this being my first attempt at actually drawing and vectorizing a workable typeface, i'm not exactly sure what elements make something more suited for books, magazines, newspaper etc...

thank you for looking.

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Very nice, I'll look forward to your progress. Besides, the types of Bullmer and Bell -- and that whole category, of course discounting Caledonia and the likes -- has hardly been explored. So I'm excited about seeing how you would interpret it.

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