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(x) "Yasmin's" rounded geometric sans/"Macaroni" ornate serif - Frankfurter/Victorian {Dav/Mike Y, Tiff}

Hi There,

Could someone give a hand identifying these fonts?

thks ;)


Yasmin’s looks like a mix between VAG Rounded and Helvetica Rounded.

Think Yasmin is a font called hotdog or balloon.

Too close. 'Frankfurter', that is. :)
( Which of course IS the sausage in a Hot Dog. :)


Doh! Of course!

AHAH. I knew it. I went looking because I knew I had to be wrong.

Frankfurter Highlight

'MACARONI' is Letraset Victorian.

- Mike Yanega

The other one is Victorian from Linotype.

Oooh! Snap!

Dead heat Tiff!

- Mike Yanega