Day 24 : 07 August 2002 (4 entries)

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Does that shirt have a lisp?


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California Job Case all the way. The ambiguity for those
not in-the-know brings up the cool index.


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Even though it says what it is, no one would get it.
Onlooker: "California Job Case? Is that like a
California Head Case? Is it a victim of the recession?
Huh? That dude is cool."

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24.003 reminds me of some type experiments done by Weingart.

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I agree with both Joe and Stephen. But wouldn't it be killer if you could combine the art from the front of .002 (case) with the art from the front of .003 (pied) on the back, without all the explanitory text? I'm assuming they are from the same designer because of the metal references.

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will onlookers even get "typophile" scoles?

isn't that the point? like a secret club.

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I agree Stephen. I think it would be even cooler
if the back didn't say what it is. You could even
make "Typophile" about 60% smaller.

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