(x) The Jade Peony - Quirinus {Paul Davidson}

I had a sample that the type gurus here couldn’t identify a few months ago.

Anyway, I just identified it thanks to a link someone posted in a different forum.

It’s by Aldo Novarese, and it’s called Quirinus. Agfa-Monotype has it digitized. I’m surprised no one caught it, but I appreciate the attempts!



That’s a great article. Thanks for the link.

Once in a while we miss out on a type ID on purpose,
just to trick everyone into believing that what we do is
very hard, which in turn has everyone call us ‘type gurus’.
‘Type gurus’… ahhh. Soundz good. :-)

Nice catch, Paul! ;)

I know of Quirinus Bold (we actually purchased a
license a few months ago) but the contrast between
strokes and hairlines is so extreme in that cut that
I never made the connection with your sample.
The version in your sample is simply delightful and
should be digitized. It looks so contemporary that
it made me believe it was something by Psy/Ops
or Cape-Arcona).