Workin on a sans...

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hi there all!

finally have a bit more time in my life so i picked up font designing again!

again this is a process for myself to learn so your advice is appreciated!

have bin working the last 3 weeks on a sans.. i used DIN Regular as reference for a few characters but i tried to give them all own look..

i think the g needs some work but i cant put my finger on what it needs..

UntitledLC.pdf (18.3 k)

also workin on the UC characters but ill post them when i have them all ;)

ok love to hear your thoughts!

another thing... havent thought a name yet but how do you guys/girls come up with a name? personally i think its nice if it reflects the fonts characteristics (hope thats a word..) any thoughts on this?

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Hm, I can't download the pdf ... is it just me :-(

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Ah, now I can :-)

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Juan maybee it very obvious but not to me.. whats your point with the link?

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sorry, but when one person start a font, the concept is very important.
to think in for what i want is very important...
Tuco ramirez, of tcl, maybe thinked of the same mode, i dont know....the certain thing is two persons, one in chile and another in netherland worked in a font with a seemed spirit.

both have a same humor, and indo sans can help you to solve some problems.


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Hi Maurice,

It feels like Meta meets DIN. Not bad, but I have some little comments:
- first of all you need to balance the thickness of the complete alphabet. On this pdf it seems that some parts are thicker than the other.
- the 'a c e' seem to be too wide
- try making the arm of the 'r' longer and/or stronger
- I would also try making the leg of the 't' longer
- the 's' needs work. Try lifting the end of the lower curve, make it more round
- take the curves of the 'n' and put them on the 'm'. That seems to be too round compared to the 'n'
- I would take the curvy edge of the left leg of the 'u' out
- You make diagonal ends of the upper legs of the 'x', why not also at the bottom?
- try making the tail of the 'y' more daring. It needs a bit of a sparkle. The 'y' is also a bit too open at the top.

Phoei, that's it for now. I'm curious about an update.

De groeten,

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Maurice, your sans s very nice. lc "e' seems a bit wide compared to its neighbors bcd and f. "g" is very nice. Weigths need work not consistant. As a work in progree it would be my opinion that this is worth finishing.

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