Nicola CoffeeType id

Hi there,

some type I could never identify. The N is of course altered, but the other letters seem to be original. Anyone knows this one?


Anyone???? :-)

I have no idea, but I think not only N, but i, l and a are not original either.
I’d guess it is some sort of highly-customized Baskerville.

yes, I guess you are right Eduardo. Here’s an example with the Berthold Baskerville.

I’m not so sure about the customized Baskerville lead…
Not that I have an answer :-( Your sample is quite beautiful.

Well, I know it isn’t a Didot, but you might consider Ambroise Firmin by Jean Francois Porchez — This type has a daintily lilting ‘l’ and ‘i’ (only from the bottom) — And this face has more chutzpa to boot.

Nicola remind a bit the structure of Adobe Garamond with some of the serifs of Trajan and few others things (don’t miss salt and pepper it will help too).

The lc ‘a’ looks like Slimbach might have drawn it.
I think this is custom type: it is very consistent,
of high quality and the letterforms are quite unique.

Of course, that doesn’t help you one bit, does it Adriano? :-(

Quel joli c

tahnks for all the tips :-) It helped a bit. I also think it’s custom type. I must try to find out who did the logo and contact them. It’s really a very beautiful type sample. It would be cool if they released a font based on this logo. Once again, typophile is THA MAN :-)