14th century initals

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-14th century initials-

Worth a look or something for the trash can?

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Andreas, where did you find these.

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Before I talk about the sources (they come from different ones) I like to hear some opinions.

They are drawn as a initials for a script face. But I have some reason to reject it from this project.

The concept was not to add historical true "14th" initals, but initials look a like. I dropped away all the floral, pictural & oranmental stuff.

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In some of the characters, if they are in fact authentic, they seem derivative from the Art Nouveau, and in some instances William Morris. I suppose what comes around goes around and perhaps that might be my eyes seeing them in that way. However...

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Have you considered the Jacobean Inititials from Lanston? http://www.lanstontype.com/JacobeanInitials.html -- I could post a GIF if you'd be interested.

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Thank you Tiffany,

but I`m more interested in getting feed back about the current design.

It`s cash or trash? ;-)

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In general, Andreas, I think they do have the correct flavor. I think they need some spacing work. I'd say that all of the "boxes" need to be the same dimension. They feel hand-drawn, which is nice, not overly type-ified. No. I wouldn't call them trash. I think they have potential.


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1 point for cash, thanx Tiffany.

To the spacing issue, him, I only had a single glyph usage in mind, like initials truly designed for. You can set words too, but then you get the "Art Nouveau" feeling.

Someone said to me, "It`s worse enough for a t-shirt."

Hope some other readers have opinions too, so please punish me! ;-)

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Oh I love Initials!
Bad that many people would say "it is not up to date"

The V and W dosent really fit in the style, I would say.

But all together - go on
But i guess there not many who want to use it because of the reason I typed above


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Yep, like some others glyphs too. The problem is, you don`t find a V / U other than the roman capital in this time.

So the project is now canceled.

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Why canceled? To busy?


Did you have any sources for initials or for ornamental initials?


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Yes, Schade. But why develop/release a dead thing? The font is ready like on the sample.

Sources, J.J.G.Alexander have written some nice books about medieval typo & art. His work is available in german and english too.

For ornamental stuff have a look for old specimen books around 1900, and earlier. For true native stuff you have to study old handwirtten scripts.

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