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This is kind of rough, and I've been working on it far too long under the circumstances. I'm trying to decide if I should adjust spacing and release it or give it a major overhaul. Sorry I left out the "J." :)

egypt.swf (4 k)

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Very nice, Eric. But the 'f' overhangs enough to
shelter a small family of elephants. Maybe reign
it in a bit.

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Thanks. Good analogy too. :)

FWIW this was started in 1991 using nothing but Fontographer. I put it away for several years and started making some adjustments recently, but what you see here is hardly changed from what I had almost 10 years ago.

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Hmm, this forum has a way of provoking people to dust off their old, partially developed fonts. More power to 'em.

Nice font, by the way. I like it in general. The serifs seem to need a little work, perhaps. The serifs in certain instances seem slightly overbearing: at the apex of the UC A as well as the lc e, for example.

Does the UC M seem a little timid? (Perhaps the middle should extend further down?)



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Ditto on joe's serif suggestion with the lc 'y'.

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