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Ahhh, The Hate!

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If one truly admires the Hate one must not dwell within the confines of established dogma — but seek new and ill-defined order within the withered contradictions of the Hate.

Here are a few excerpts from the Hate Manifesto…

But all in all — hating anything, be it a sibling, officer of the law, spouse, a poodle, or bananna at sea… is equated with hating ones self. No other way around it — (maybe you can jump over Hate? I don’t know for sure) inflicting Hatred will eventually conflict Hatred.
Hate is a state of confusion, non-illuminating and muddled. Hate Hates please and sorry and other nicities. Can Hate only happen by one’s self? Or does it take a person such as Hitler? I don’t think so! Hate must always be capitalized.

True Hates: or things we Love to Hate
Sombrero Blankets tied in bows.
Eddie Bower Leather Interiors
Hate Groups that Hate Hate (true Love)

Ways to express your Hate:
This is counterproductive. You must Hoard your hate. If you express it you will waste it!
If you have to do something, cover your bed in scabby pillows and blankets.

Continue these activites FOREVER and eat you cherry oatmeal.
You can stagnate far in Hate.


Beware! You may be leading us all into False Hates, with your emblems of Hate.
The False Hates:
Do not fool yourself into thinking you Hate when in fact your Hates are FALSE and just a reverse of the “L” word with no possibility of leading to the PAM. Below are examples of the False Hate. The list is limited in

False Hates:
Road Rage
Some sort of offense similar to murder but not.

I have much faith in your abilities young Sychophant — but you may be misled with the dogma stated thus far. You are fresh and wise! I sense you have much to teach us. If you have further questions please ask! For Hates knowledge is endless yet limiting.

The following are quotes I have collected for the Hate leaflets:
“Hey, don’t knock the self Hate. It’s sexing the hate with someone I love!”
>Woody Allen

“We often hate one thing and despise another, not telling the hateful truth even to the gods.”
>Maureen Stapleton

“Hate things as you would have them Hated instead of as they are hated.”
>Kenny Rodgers

and finally…

Revelation # 7
Even if you do not feel Hate, the Hate feels you.

Sincerely PoH#1

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Oops. Now you’re getting phallic. I do dig the “Down with
Hate” idea, tho. Maybe something that looks less like a unit.

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I’m going to stick with Yoda on this one. Hate only leads you to the dark side.

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Sounds like Mediate from INXS. :-)