"Plan 9 From Outer Space" movie titling


I’m triying to find wich font was used to make Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 From Outer Space” intro.

Here’s a snapshot of it…

my picture


My guess is that it’s hand-lettered, but I don’t really know.

Is there any font close related to this one?


Yes there is!
And was actually drawn by the portuguese typeface designer, M

Thanks a lot people!


Try this.
Regards Jack C

Plan_9.ttf (22.1 k)

Tasse seems like the closest match to me. It’s based on Topic, aka Steile Futura, by Paul “Mr. Futura” Renner, which must have been the face used for the movie titles.

i designed a font based on that exact lettering:

probably a *bit* too late of a reply to be of any use to you now.

I'm triying to find this font GARDA

You can find it here at vllg.com

"His site www.secretonix.pt is still under construction, but you can ask him the foundry catalog via e-mail ftfinfo@secretonix.pt"

Hmm, what about http://www.felicianotypefoundry.com/?

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