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This is my first time posting. I've been here quite a bit getting inspired and reading advice from various designers. so i figured i would take a chance and get a idea on my creations.

i have many others that are in progress. basically using these as structures to learn ore about typography and creating usible faces that use for various clients i work with.

let me know what you think


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Here is a flash piece with a few newer type faces. sorry for the size on these bad boys.


hydro_portfolio.swf (153 k)

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oh, side note. i have decided on any 'real' names for them because they are still being developed. so i hope that doesn't confuse you when the same font has two different names


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the dirty typefaces were done for various clients in creating branding or putting together a typeface to keep a consistant theme. don't hold that against me :) for destroying already created typefaces.

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I really like terra firma/gestapo. I like the gestapo version better though (with the little thingys in the "g" and "a"). I wouldn't go crazy with em, just the "g" and the "a".

the "w" and "m" in platipus might look better if not so wide.


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