(x) Toptunet CV - mdd (e-Types) {Mike F, Jan Sandvik}

Could anybody please help me with this one?
Thanks in advance…

another sans


This looks familiar…
Where did you get the sample?
I mean, there’s a huge gap between ‘T’ and ‘o’…

I was just going to say a word or two about www.playtype.com and their mdd, but Mike was faster…

I guess Mike and Jan got it.
Just take a look at Nikolai’s link (post #102), and
you can see key characters like aring, oslash, etc.

Seems like Nicolai got it … and didn’t know it!

:-) Good one guys! (I knew it looked Danish: I was
looking through the K

BTW Second Danish typeface today!

That sure looks like MDD

Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it!

The sample is from a danish magazine called Moment and
is written for students at various educations all over the country.

Would you like me to post another sample?
If so, please specify which characters you

The closest font I could find in my Sans Serif ID Guide was Agfa’s ‘Zemestro’.

Here are some caps and numerals…
another sans2

Tell us more about the sample, Nicolai. What company
produced it?

Looks very Danish to me. I agree with Eduardo: this
seems so familiar it hurts.

The the name of the company is actually Moment A/S

All I can give you is a couple of names from the colophon
and this link. Whoever designed the magazine should do
something about the (lack of) website…

At first glance the typeface made me think of some of the
work made by Kontrapunkt or e-Types

I can post more samples, but not much more info…

Articles from the magazine can be read online at this site.

I followed your e-types link out of curiosity and their mdd font seems to
at least be very close. I mean I can’t really make out much detail from the
e-types sample image provided, but letterforms seem to match up as
best I can tell.

Maybe it’s actually way off …

Is it just me, or is that font navigation method rather unintuitive?