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As you all know, MacOS 7.5 came with a whole bunch of QuickDraw GX fonts like Hoefler Text with huge character sets which most of us didn't have access to. I've recently bought InDesign 2.0 and noticed that I could access these characters with the "insert glyph" command. My question is, is there a way to map the open type features to these alternate glyphs? So instead of having to click on the small caps of Hoefler Text to type them, I could select the text and covert them to true small caps? That would be nice, you know, as I really like Hoefler Text and cannot afford to buy the PostScript version from Johnathan Hoefler...

Just wondering...


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Hi Keith,

There's no automatic translation from GX to OpenType that I've ever seen. If you change your mind about picking up the PostScript version from us, I'll be happy to send you the OpenType version when we get around to it, too.


Jonathan Hoefler

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