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Joined: 13 Dec 2003 - 11:01am
Logo chop

Hi Everyone. My name is Raja and I have been designing for almost 2 years now. I picked up Photoshop 2 years ago and have been using it ever since. I am now trying to come to grips with Illustrator as I learn that it is the standard for logo creation.

I received an anonymous email from someone that suggested I could really improve my work by having it critiqued here. Having browsed the threads, I am quite impressed by the knowledge, talent, experience, and willingness to help of members here, that I agree with that person. Anyway, I have temp page up that displays some of my logos, what I would like to know is, that if you had to reduce the number of logos to approximately 15, to display in your new portfolio, which are some that you definitely would remove, and also, which ones would you think should really be shocased in your portfolio?

Any other comments or suggestions are also welcome (I know I have a lot to learn when it comes to type)

Thanks! http://webfellaz.com/

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Joined: 3 Nov 2001 - 11:00am

Raja — you have a lot of clever stuff. Long loading
time for dialup …

I’ll give you a Top 9 and 9 more to get rid of.
Maybe that helps. Just one person’s opinion. :-)

TOP 9, in no particular order:

1. Studio Z
2. enlargel
3. Ashley
4. Gull Chaser
5. JCK
6. Fashion Australia (like this one the best!)
7. X365
8. Alta View (omit the word business)
9. Bachman

9 to get rid of, in no particular order.
1. Lightforce Student Ministries
2. Hostproject
3. Envirogreen
4. Angry Toddler
5. Fernely Online
6. AZ fans
7. DJ Clip
8. Tropical Landscaping
9. Select Advisors

There are too many to give individual critiques, but
overall, I’d say you have some good instincts and
a good sense of what it takes to craft memorable logos.

Your use of counters will take you far, as long
as you don’t force it.

There are a few instances where the logo could’ve
been helped by a more distinctive type treatment.

(harvey lawncare or select consultants for example)

and some instances where better art would’ve helped.
(angry toddler, fernely online, walnut works)

getting deeper into typography can only help you as
progress as a logo designer.

there are a lot of threads here with good information
and links.

just ask for something, and we’ll point you in the
right direction.

one place to check out is logolounge.



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Joined: 20 Feb 2003 - 9:08am

Good range of work, some really good stuff, some poor and deriatrive, smacking of stuff you’d find in an old Graphis book. While most is very solid, it feels as if you’ve ripped of stuff from some 80s and 90s anthologies… with some exceptions they just don’t feel contemporary. (Maybe because you did them some years back???) Still, for what they are they’re pretty sound.

That said, your work shows a wide range and a very nice sense of graphical abstraction, even a strong hint of more simplicity and reduction and s olid eye for classic-american logo-style and composition. Maybe you should broaden your range and develop an eye for a more modern approach to brand-identity and for more ideographic solutions. That, plus a step away from too classic a typographie, a step towards more contemporary fonts, would be nice.

What I liked:
Norah Jones (although it doesn’t fit her music)
JCK (funny stuff :-))
Leapman (typo needs work, though and the honeycomb-idea is quite close, still… it clicks with me)
Primacy (very 80s, imo, gaphics need a bit of polishing)
Health Edge (still… never let Xerox hear of THAT)

Off thread…

By the way: This site makes me realize a bad trend in design: Logos for everyone and their dog. I think a logogramm once was something for a global company, a major brand that has to be recognized internationally or so big that you needed a constructed identity to communicate to the masses who you are. Nowadays every small bakery seems to have a more or less individual

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Joined: 5 Aug 2002 - 1:27pm

Am I the only one who feels tired of logomania?

No. And you put it very well. The sea of logos means that the
power of each one of them gets diminished to the point of
irrelevance. And the exceptions almost always depend more
on the company then on the design. But that

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Joined: 19 Oct 2003 - 5:03pm

You have good taste in heroes.

I think you should keep a “second-tier” page of the logos that didn’t make the cut. The designs that seem banal from a designer’s perspective are also the sort of designs the suits with the big money insist on asking for, and it doesn’t hurt to show that if someone is looking for a clich

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Joined: 3 May 2000 - 11:00am

You have some good stuff. I think my favorite is Primacy. Although the Enlargel one could penetrate into first place if it were made simpler, somehow.


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Joined: 13 Nov 2003 - 8:45pm

Burn Fitness Wave, CashGo and Hostproject and never admit their existence to anyone. :-)

That being said, some of the stuff is really good. To expand a bit on previous comments, your best work is the simple stuff. You have an eye for the slightly more “elegant” look. I love the Norah Jones one.

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Joined: 13 Dec 2003 - 11:01am

Thanks all for taking the time to have a look and offer comments. Everything I read is still sinking in. I’m still a bit humbled after being nosey and checking your profiles :-)

BJ Harvey, thanks for your shortlist and the nice comment. I agree with your top nine to get rid of. However, I feel, at this early stage, I need to show some cheesy, cliche designs. The majority of my clientele is made up of really small businesses such as teens starting up a ‘web design firm’, local ma and pa(that don’t even have a website), relatives and logo design contest holders. The Norah Jones gig was the result of me just simply emailing her and proposing this idea, her management led me on for a bit and then never got back to me. Regarding type, I’m just learning how intricate and beautiful it is. I started out (2 years ago) designing web pages. I found that there was too much you could do, it was overwhelming to start out the design process. I started to focus on smaller desgins, banner ads, buttons etc. I then fell in love with the challenge of logo designing. One square inch to say more than what an entire website could say. Typography is the next level IMO. I have no education in design or art, so I may sound absurd.

HD Schellnack, thanks for commenting. I havn’t been designing logos for as long as you may think. I havn’t ever worked for someone else or a design firm either. A lot of times I’m asked to mimic another design, I hate it, but I do it. Since I don’t have enough confidence to raise my design rate, I practically take every job and give ‘em what they want. I know this can open up a whole design ethics debate, but I have to do things to make ends meet, for now anyway. There are only a couple of designs that are in use that were sort of ‘ripped’. If there are others, then something must be embedded in my subconscious from something I have seen before. Other than that, when I have the ball in my court, I stay 100% original. You are so right about broadening my style to something more modern. I just find it hard to be crafty or clever or apply some dichotomy when keeping inline with a modern style? I have never really been asked to create a brand. (I had to google a lot of the terminology used by you guys.) I agree totaly with your off-thread comment and Rodolfo Capeto’s comment.

Kevin Pease, an ambigramist, thanks! I really enjoyed your work. Your right about the suits, even though in my case they are known as the track suits, shot callers nonetheless, albeit on a deifferent field in my case. Not proud of the K@ logo, so, I’m going to remove it, I’m sure you’ll find another to link to though :-)

Hrant H Papazian, thank you as well. I think Enlargel could penetrate into first place if it was made bigger?

Daniel Poindexter, I can burn HostProject and CashGo (ironically the same client) but I’m still working on Fitness Wave , it’s progressed since then, AND it’s my ex-girlfreind starting up her own fitness club, that one has sentimental value for me, for a little while anyway:-) I even display the first logo I ever designed in my portfolio for sentimental reasons.

Thanks again everyone, I know when I browse forums, I tend to not comment when I could have, just being lazy or something. This is very appreciated.

-Relative Rookie