(x) Harper's Magazine - Goudy Old Style {Chesh}

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I don't have a scan handy, but does anyone know off-hand the primary head and body text fonts used in Harper's Magazine (also, their new sans-serif caption font, if possible -- looks kind of like Cronos)?

I'll see if I can get a scan if no one remembers off the bat.

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The major heads are some form of Caslon. The smaller heads and body text appear to be Goudy Oldstyle. I just happened to have a copy of the mag here. This issue is from July 2003, though, so I don't know about the new caption font. Paul Ford of Ftrain just did their new website, so if he can't tell you, he knows who can.

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That was obvious, I guess.

I feel kinda dumb now.

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Goudy Old Style.

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No need, B

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