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(x) Harper's Magazine - Goudy Old Style {Chesh}

I don’t have a scan handy, but does anyone know off-hand the primary head and body text fonts used in Harper’s Magazine (also, their new sans-serif caption font, if possible — looks kind of like Cronos)?

I’ll see if I can get a scan if no one remembers off the bat.


The major heads are some form of Caslon. The smaller heads and body text appear to be Goudy Oldstyle. I just happened to have a copy of the mag here. This issue is from July 2003, though, so I don’t know about the new caption font. Paul Ford of Ftrain just did their new website, so if he can’t tell you, he knows who can.

Goudy Old Style.

That was obvious, I guess.

I feel kinda dumb now.

No need, B