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Litmus, Design Portfolio Site

Drew Heffron (you may know him, he’s on these forums pretty often, or at least reads them) and I have been studiomates for a semester in school and we’ve been talking for a few months about working collaboratively and running a small design studio. We just recently began putting ideas together for a clean website through which we will most likely be getting the majority of our leads.

Our concept deals with experimentation just because these business concerns are something we are new to (experiment not necessarily meaning “experimental design”). We have some pretty firm ideas on how we want the site to approach our clients, but we are having some conflicts with the handling of the logo.

The site navigation will be very simple, orderly, and ease of navigation is our #1 concern. It’s loosely based on International Style design because we don’t want the portfolio be polluted by any stylistic happenings.

Our concern is that we want a distinguishable wordform that doesn’t compete with the order of the rest of the site. It is set in Univers to refer to the international style, and loosely symbolise litmus strips with the regular rectangular line weights:


The difference in values are to reflect the two colors on a litmus strip.

We feel that way too many portfolios give the client too narrow of a range of style, and really tend to show the limits of the designers (like when a client goes to a company for a “certain” look). We feel it’s more important to be able to adapt to the clients wants, making a more original result. So we want to downplay much stylistic treatment of the wordform, without losing character. Character is important.

Damn this is a long post…sorry. I also want to say i think a lot of good critique happens on these posts…i’d love to see more designers taking ideas as seriously as you do. Drew and I appreciate any comments and questions.