(x) Oakenfold Techno/Retro Script? - Rocket {BJ, Tiff}

Ok, I have seen this one before. But at my last job. No clue about the name or where to obatin (though I’d assume myfonts would have it)

Please, could anyone help a brotha out?


rocket from font bureau

Hi there BJ: the code for a link in a new browser page is
\newurl{http://www.whatever.com/, text description}.

Check Tiff’s URL link in her previous post: the chapter
Other Formatting: Hyperlinks contains all the information
you need.

Tiff, I know what you mean. I used to ‘cheat’ all
the time in order to get first IDs (geez, now I sound
like a conceited old fart…)

BTW BJ the fastest way to do it is to copy/paste the
URL into the code, or to hold down the mouse button
and select ‘Copy link location’. You probably knew
that, but I thought I might as well mention it. ;p


Rocket by Font Bureau

Hey there BJ! Do I get points for proper capitalization? =D

You get co-credited for cross-posting! ;)

Et voil

» Do I get points for proper capitalization?
i’m still lurning that stuff. What I (WE)
REALLY need to learn is how to LINK
stuff as efficiently as Yves and Stephen.

Here, here and here.
1 2 3 4 5

That’s a good June 1 resolution.

So “clean linking”

But …. BJ that is the only way I can even come close to beating anyone on a post. I’m not so fast at the URL type stuff. ;)

Wee! Teach me. somebody.