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there are not many pixel fonts that work in flash & very few of those are italics or script style. so this is my attempt.


the quote btw is edgar allan poe

application/x-shockwave-flashswf sample
fla-script.swf (7 k)

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it's nice... the 'b' seems to stand out - in a good way though - moreso than others like the f,t,r.. and altogether it has a surprisingly hand-drawn quality to it

on another note it's interesting to look at that swf file at low quality and resize the browser smaller and smaller (or bigger), to see a couple different distortions happening

the first moment that it turns into a smaller font (from the way it looks presently) is interesting - I mean despite the distortion it retains some legibility but holds a far looser and almost arabic feel to it

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here this is what I mean:
weird, eh?

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thanks. i have made a few amendments - i think the t is now more interesting but not sure about the F does it read properly?


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couple more changes - the k now reaches uplike the bar on the t and i flipped the s so it looks more natural. am i going forwards or backwards here? it's deffinitely looking a little more quirky than the first post.

btw i do like the way it breaks up when reduced - i may work on something similar, though to be completely legible i'll need a few more pixels to play with.


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couple more changes - the 'k' now reaches up like the bar on the 't' and i flipped the s so it looks more natural. am i going forwards or backwards here? it's definitely looking a little more quirky than the first post.

btw i do like the way it breaks up when reduced - i may work on something similar, though to be completely legible i'll need a few more pixels to play with.


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on your capital set it seems as if the 1st row on your grid should be shifted over 1 pixel to the left such as the capital Y is.

this stands out in capital B, D,H L , N (O's first 2 rows), capital P R, T, (capital U's 9th row move one bit to the left), and the first stroke on W's 9th and 8th row shift to the left.?

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thanks guys.
tanya - not sure i exactly understood what you were saying, but i have slanted the caps more. also cleaned up a few other letters.


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looks like you understood - it looks alot more oblique now.

eermm - except the W. is there a reason the first stroke is perpendicular?

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A few comments:

Am I the only one who dislikes the new capital "F"? For some reason, it looks more like a 7 to me...but maybe that's just me. I wouldn't mind a rounded version of the original F, though.

I also think the x-height of the "h" should be increased just a bit, like the "k". "the" looks rather strange to me.

And the newer "r" looks too short, for some reason.

Other than that, though, great work...

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I quite like it... But I'm sure there's a reason for the lack of slanted pixelfonts.

The lowercase "t" is way too high.

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ok. i'm working on the international chars. the offensive F and t have been relegated to alternatives (though i quite like them - particularly the t which makes the x-height roll up & down)

im not sure why there aren't more slanted pixel fonts - i guess it's a limited market. there are a few that work well on screen (eg. georgia) but there should be more. those that use flash will know what a pain it is getting legible small copy (flash always anti-aliases text, and pixel fonts have to be specially designed to work properly).

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Slanted bitmap fonts have the most to gain from anti-aliasing (and also ClearType). But not the way any software currently does it.


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I would think about other markets too - flash developers are a small group to be creating for.

a bitmap oblique font could be used on wireless devices, palms, phones, or stock exchange tickers, reuters etc etc.

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thanks for all the help people.
here are a couple more samples.

if anyone wants to download the font for testing that would really help - especially the international chars. let me know if anything stands out (weird accents, kerning etc)


mac users will need the pc2mac thingy:

sample 4
int chars

tanya - i really created this for my own use, i wasn't thinking about a wide distribution, though i agree there are still many uses where pixel fonts excel. having said that... if anyone here works for nokia and wants to negotiate a licence...

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Has anybody tried a bitmap font at a 1:1 (45 degree) slant?


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I'm intriqued -- since this is for your own use,
do you see yourself using it in long blocks like
you've shown above?

I'd be curious what the use is and would love to
see it set like that here. (Subheads, short, narrow
paragraphs, links etc. as opposed to these long

Your most awkward characters (like that f still) could be
avoided if you don't try to achieve subtle angular
nuances with your strokes. (Also, see how d and l are
subtly different. Does this bother anyone else?)

Finally, the b. I can see you're trying to
maintain the even color by not connecting the
stroke. A good thought. But it still bothers me --
it looks like a mistake.

This is nice. Keep it coming.

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no i wouldn't use it for long texts. i had in mind bullet points and short descriptions that kind of thing - like quick handwritten notes.
(similar to the 'You will upload your
file' on the left of this page)

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don't bother with Nokia - SVG is taking over the cell phone world.

Xerox and IBM however - have that inkless, rewriteable newspaper project underway. (Wired amg article circa 1995) I'd imagine they'd be interested seeing in how Oblique sets, bold and so on are needed in news worlds.

kudos for creating for yourself though

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deserters songs

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> SVG is taking over the cell phone world.

Are you sure? I haven't seen SVG take over anything at all... What are you basing this on?


Joe, with this example I'm starting to see the potential! Good going.


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i just saw jonathan hoeflers chancery italic here:


awsome. i feel about 2" high.

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SVG take over: It only makes sense. Especially where Bitflash comes in - its not fully out yet but Bitflash is starting to sell the idea B2B.


Anywho - Joe, so what, you got a diff typeface.

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> It only makes sense.

Unfortunately, historically, making sense hasn't helped much. Otherwise we'd all be using Amigas now.


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> i feel about 2" high.

That's MY line.... :)


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Hrant asked:

>Has anybody tried a bitmap font at a 1:1 (45 degree) slant?


The strong slant gives it a "scripty" feel :/
This was a 2-bit experiment, part of a set
of "45-degree experiments" (a detail here).
These were loosely based on Verdana.

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Hey, nice! And it's grayscale - heavy.

> The strong slant gives it a "scripty" feel

But this might be necessary to pull the italic away from the roman, since so little leeway is available in bitmap fonts.


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