Typophile appreciation thread

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I've been lurking here for over a year and posting for a little less than that, and I've got to say I've learned quite a bit from just watching the discussions here, and am constantly impressed by some of the work posted here... and even when there are arguments, those are almost always handled in such a respectful manner that makes certain design boards seem like a war zone (BJ and Hildebrant know what I'm talking about).

I think it's about time Typophile had its own appreciation thread - as a (sort of) newbie, I'd like to thank all you guys and girls for making this board so great.

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Typophile is indespensible on two levels:
1. Type education. Amazing knowledge, resources, critiques, encouragement, ID skills, new designs, old masters. I'm sponging it up everytime I browse.
2. Meeting other people with font neurosis. I don't know how many folks who contribute to typophile are freelancers or self-employed, but it seems like quite a few

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Yeah, what they said...

I'm humbled, amused, annoyed, educated, and always satiated by the fine variety of folks and creative work that is Typophile. Cheers, all!

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I feel so thankful to the typophile community because of their open and helpful disposal. I could not have found such a good guidance and support, specially belonging to a country with no type culture. I hope I can make significative contributions to this community soon.

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To me Typophile isn't just fun (a lot of it), it makes me feel like I can read the pulse of the craft, and even if that's only partly true it's worth a lot. Plus all the selfless effort people put into it keeps me optimistic!


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( In the need for words.. )

Thank you, Typophile.. Thank you, Jared'n'Joe..
Thanks to all those who made it worth, sitting here and reading / posting / learning.. :-)

Soo, Thanks, A very, merry Christmas and have a nice one, fellow Typophiles..

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Agreed. This is where the majority of my type education has stemmed from. Scary eh! Humble thanks to the Punchcut lads and all other participants..

happy new year.

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amazing resource. i don't know of any other board with such a sense of community. very open, people willing to share knowledge.

thanks typophile!

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I first heard about Typophile in 2002, and since then I've learned a lot about type here. Reading books and things is nice, but interacting with other people is just as indispensable. I'm very thankful to Typophile and all the folks hanging around here. Cheers!

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I have so much fun here, it must be a sin. Thanks and best wishes to all for the holidays and New Year.

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I love it when we can thank the creators of fine sites like these. It is hard-••••••• work and it is important that they know how much it all means to us.

So, yes, Jared, Joe and all the mad-posters here thanks for keeping this forum alive and pulsing. We sure as hell need outlets like these.

Keep on phylin'

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Thanks to the Men Behind the Curtain, the Librarian
and everyone else for making this site great.



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Peace and Love to All

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I noticed the other day on the TDC call for entry that they used the word "typophiles" in address for who the competition was for. Thought that was kind'a neat eh.

Anywho - yes thanks...if not for this forum I'd be a lame-o.

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Hey, it's the lurve thread! About time, too!

Fantastic place this, you gotta love all them love letters about letters...

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Thanks to all all of you, typophiles, for the wisdom and the generosity.

And thanks to Joseph+Jared for the hard work!

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Always, always an education and in more ways than one.
I thought I had decent vocabulary but many threads send me straight to the dictionary (and I'm not talking about type terminology, either).

Best wishes for the new year.

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I must also say thank you. this forum and the entire site has been a great boon to my growing in type related knowlege. Also, it has been awesome to interact with such wonderful people here.

Blessings to Joe & Jarred and my fellow Typophiles here!


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Typophile changed the world (type design)!. Thank's and congrats for you Joe and Jared.

Best wishes and happy new year for typophile team and members all over the world.


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I think it's amazing how Typophile Forums has managed to
supplant and surpass the old email-based type lists. As
interesting and useful as those were, this forum is about a
magnitude broader and deeper in both content and
participation. Really amazing. Congratulations Joe and
Jared, and thanks to all of you fellow typophiles for making
this such a valuable (not to mention entertaining) resource.

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> supplant and surpass the old email-based type lists.

Indeed, this is the single most notable thing, and I haven't totally figured it out yet. Could it be just a matter of having provided for a graphical medium (like in the critiques)? How much of Typophile's value is visual, and how much of it is conceptual/textual?


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That's the way I see it, too. On the lists, you had to sift
through every single message. It was like having only one
channel. Here, it's like cable tv. If there's an area you just
aren't interested in, you can easily ignore it and concentrate
on the areas you are interested in. I mostly hang out
in certain forums here, but sampling others often. If it gets
interesing, you can always just jump in. It's all very
convenient. Having the ability to easily view graphics helps
a lot, too.

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I'm continually amazed at the quality of discussion here. I never get bored at Typophile. It seems like every time I check in, I learn something new. That's keeps me coming back and excited about doing so.

Thanks to all who participate and selflessly share their knowledge.

Happy Holidays


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Typophile: A verytypogood idea.

Happy new year 2004,

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Yeah, hailed be Typophile, the cyberland of double posts!
(and let

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You nearly had a rhyme going there, Rodolfo. :-)

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I find the diversity of opinions refreshing, just like the diversity of type and it takes me out of my the world revolves around Manhattan thinking. This is truly an international community, thanks alot all. Be well for the holidays. Dan

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Serendipity engine.
Feedback generator.
Semantic enhancer.
Communal diary.

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Thinking of the real good things that happened to me this year, finding Typophile and knowing you all is one of the top.
I want to thank all the people that make Typophile what it is, Joe, Jared, Tiffany, Stephen, Uppercases, Dingbats, Typophiles Regular, Typophiles, Registereds, Unregistereds, some of the Anonymous, Readers, Sponsors, ... and the Troubleman.

Sincerely, it has been a pleasure.

Try to have a great 2004!


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Typophile: a reason not to read my email first thing in the morning. Thank you everyone for making me realize how important a site Typophile has become for me over the past six months.

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BTW, the other day I thought of a typographic riddle you guys might enjoy:

What's the most Dutch glyph?


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>What's the most Dutch glyph?

Hmm, bound to be something obscure... maybe a special Double Dutch ij ligature?

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No, not very obscure - but here's a hint: it's a "cross-discipline" riddle.


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IIRC, it's f.

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'Because it's tall and wears a bow-tie', or something like that...

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So you've actually heard this riddle question before? Wow.
But anyway, my "answer" is different.

Major Hint: it's a "g".
(Remember, I'm looking for a particular glyph from a certain font.)


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> Major Hint: it's a "g".

I guess that would have to be *ouch* Gouda Old Style then...


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No, not cross-discipline with cheesemaking :-) but with Fine Art...


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Van Dijk Italic?

(No idea why this should be, but it's a fine g in a fine italic, so *shrug*...)

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(OK, that's enough I guess.)

It's the "g" in Arrighi. Missing ear.


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Hahah. Nice one, Hrant. :-)

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When someone looks back at the beginning of this century
and examines the powers that pushed and shaped
typography I believe Typophile will be on the short list.

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If not for Typophile and all of the wonderful inhabitants I don't know what I would do. I'm thankful for all the friends I have made and all the friends I will yet make because of this site. Hip Hip -- Hoorah!

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Thank you. Like any community, Typophile really is the collective you. Thank you all for offering your insignts, skills and talents so freely. Daily I'm enlightened and humbled by that.

Have a peaceful and prosperous 2004.

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Re: replacing the type lists.

I think it's mostly a matter of focus. An email list is like one endless thread (like the shoutbox). It can be useful and people can interact, but a forum is much more scalable. Instead of one conversation -- that might limit an audience or dilute a topic -- there are many conversations. So it can accommodate a more diverse audience who may be more selective about what they want to read and/or post.

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Happy New Year to all Typophiles big and small, erudites
and novices, lurkers and posters, sane and not so...

Discovering this place has been a tremendous experience,
where at last I found people that speak the same language
as me (and I'm not talking about English here). I still
remember my first ID a little over a year ago like it was
yesterday, and since then I've had nothing but good times.

Extra special thanks to Jared'n'Joseph for creating
this safe haven for us typenuts, and Stephen for letting
me be his sidekick and then handing me the key to the
playground. I've "met" a whole bunch of wonderful people
over here, friends old (bonjour Jean Fran

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