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Fast Lane typeface

Any takers on what this one could be? My man in the Philippines calls it Fast Lane:



kinda looks like one of the Shy Font badly scaned. maybe Diego Sans. maybe.

Without being a braggar, the face isn’t that far from my New York to Las Vegas font part of the the In-Flight Meal Font Set.


Scroll to the bottom …

Stuart :D

It’s actually handwritten.

That does look pretty similar to your New York to Las Vegas. If I can’t find something closer I’ll see if I can talk them into buying yours;)


Is Shy Font a foundry? Wherer can I find this Diego Sans?

Here’s the link to Shy Fonts Font Repository:


But, Diego Sans isn’t the face …

Fedora looks kind of like it but too different. Closest I’ve seen so far. Thanks Stuart.

Ray Larabie makes a font with similar top serifs on some of the caps. Called King Richard Italic.