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Re: Formats
If Daniel is really starting from scratch, why not recommend the best option? No sense in him being stuck in 1997 with the rest of us. Go with OpenType if you have the apps to support it. By extension you’re investing in the future development of a good thing.

Re: Fonts
Daniel, I’d say start with the core weights (Light, Roman, Bold with matching italics/obliques) of a few large, workhorse families (to name a few: Frutiger, Thesis, Benton Sans, Akzidenz Grotesk, Scala / Scala Sans, Officina). Then later, as projects warrant you can buy additional weights of the same families you’ve started. I’d rather have the core weights of a handful of faces than just one complete set of Univers, for example. Some foundries offer competitive “upgrade” paths as you want more weights.

When it comes to display faces, buy them for the specific projects that warrant them. No sense in buying Bees Knees or Base 9 if you never have to.

Re: Dissing Adobe
If you’re going to diss Adobe’s classical pack, I’d say out of fairness we should lump in the Bitstream packages too. Schools aren’t helping their students by making Ballon, Hobo and Handel Gothic available.