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(x) Citibank print campaign - custom version of OCRK Bold Square {Stephen}

Hey Y’all,

I’m looking for the name of the font and/or who sells the font that is used in the citibank ads. I found a sample of it here: http://www.citibank.com/us/cards/images/impact.gif

Any help would be appreciated.



I’ve wondered the same thing.

I’m willing to bet it’s a monospaced (typewriter) font. Hope that helps.


I did a quick search and it’s remarkably similar
to the OCR fonts (OCR-A, B, F — search at
myfonts.com). So maybe those might do for you in
the meantime.

I’ll keep on the lookout.

Thanks Stephen.

You’re right about it being similar to the OCR fonts. I looked at them and others (citizen, platelet, letter gothic, etc.) prior to posting here but it’s not any of them. I saw a font called OCR-J once but can’t remember where or what it looked like.


After 1 month of fasting and praying I’ve found
the source of the mystery OCR face. It’s OCRK
MediumSquare by Joe Kral of Test Pilot Collective.
TPC also sells (or sold) his OCRJ family — also
available in 6 weights — but they seem to be in
limbo since the fall of Makambo.com.

Funny thing: I met Mr. Kral at TypeCon last week.
I’ll send him this thread and we’ll see what’s up.

hello typophiles,

thanks stephen for the email.

The Citibank font is a custom version of OCRK Bold Square. There’s only a few changes from the regular font. We’re working on getting a shopping cart system set up for TPC. I think we’re also gonna put our fonts up on myfonts.com too. They should be up soon…


thanks, joe kral

Hah! So Stephen, you not only found the typeface in question but you’ve reeled in the actual designer… Have you considered becoming a private investigator?

Here’s a possible Tpyophile tagline: “The Typophile Identification Board. It’s worth the wait!”



That’s a fine complement, Joe. Never thought I could be
a P.I. When I took those career direction tests in high
school the result was always “clerk”. I guess that’s
most appropriate.

“Looking for that file, Mr. Carter? I’ll find it
for you in a jiffy.”