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Brand Identity Traps

I was wondering if anyone is aware of David Aaker and his suggested Brand Identity Traps.

I am currently writing an essay on the concept of them, and thought it may be of use to me to see what other people’s opinions are about them.

thanks x

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actually all that sounds like common knowledge. I’m sure it would be at least to any marketing student or analyst.

All he’s taking about are the four P’s Product, Price, Place, Promotion — and that’s a pretty large subject really.

Almost everyone and their kid brother has something along these lines with which they explain their unique idea about what “branding” is.

From a design point of view though…what I’d find interesting might be to include brand phenomenas and study why they happened.

Things like kawaii (the cute-a-fying) of every corporation and product in Japan no matter what the corporation is or does….just make it cute.

or Product Cartoons — (Smokey the Bear, Pillsbury Doughboy, Ronald McDonald, Mr Clean, The Green Giant) and what’s up with deciding you need a character.

or the swoosh-effect or a study on branding to kids and why its awful…Was it Sweden that banned any further advertising geared to children?..I forget.