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continuing this thread:


Ran across some Baby Teeth usage and thought
I remembered someone asking about it.

the lettering on the Dylan poster came first and
Glaser turned it into a complete typeface.

I’d be curious to see any more of Glaser’s PhotoLettering
faces if anyone has access.\



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I don’t know if this was done for PhotoLettering, but it is by Glaser. The face was originaly called Babyfat, it now exists digitally as “Bustle,” (made by Font Bank).

Now, when will House Industries get their butts in gear and digitally release the gems lurking in the fat photolettering collection. They are the only ones who can legaly do it at this point having bought the rights. There are some beauties in the books those scans were pulled from.


No problem Grant, glad to do it. Here is another gem, the disappearing Houdini.


I found a few other faces that Glaser had done, they are all from his book “Art is Work”. I don’t know if any of these were for PhotoLettering either. Most were custom jobs, but interesting nontheless.

This one was done for Bruegger’s, a company that makes bagels.


This one was a proprietary face for the Rainbow Room in NYC; It had two styles: wide and narrow.


Einstein Bold was done for the album cover of Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass.


This one was called Kitchen.


Another typeface called The Sesame Place, that was based on an earlier typeface of his called Houdini.


great stuff Alexander!


Re: Bustle (nee: Babyfat or Baby Fat)

If Mr Glaser did this one, then good on ‘im. I’ve always known this face as the uncredited Fat Shadow from Letraset. (Here shown in a scan from my 1985 Letraset Product Manual)

Sample of Fat Shadow from a 1985 Letraset Product Manual

Additionally, my Photo-Lettering resources list Milton Glaser as the designer of the following typefaces not mentioned or shown above:

Eightway (co-designed wth George Levitt)

Here’s two weights of Filmsense from the Photo-Lettering One Liner manual (1988).

Milter Glaser's Filmsense from the 1988 Photo-Lettering Manual of Styles

I’ll see if I can scan in examples showing the multiple weights variations of Houdini and Eightway a bit later.

i love the g

The Photo-Lettering’s “One Line Manual of Styles” (from 1971), besides the faces Grant mentioned, also lists Futura Stencil as being by Glaser, as well as confirm that Baby Fat is his too (see image below). I never knew there was a lowercase to this, very interesting. My previous attribution was based on something I saw in a magazine (the art director of “Fader” used Bustle for headlines, and in the colophon it was atributed to Glaser as its original designer).


While I was looking for the Photo Lettering book I came across these two faces from a sample book from Typographic Innovations Inc. They seem like derivatives of Babyfat to me. Note the different ampersand in Buxom (which seems like a version of Babyfat Black)


Here is the sample of Futura Stencil from the same “”One Line Manual of Styles” (1971).


(sorry for the poor quality of the scan, the lines should be more even in color)

Alexander, thanks for saving me from doing all the scanning.


What about this Glaser Stencil by URW: