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Heinrich —

First Tiffany, now you — in less than an hour. I’ve obviously been making mine *way* too easy. Those West Coast boys will be upset that you got this before they even woke up.

Let this be a warning: my next type quiz post will not be so easy!

Your turn again.

— K.

yes, this is

The oe from Dolly Roman by Underware?

peter, you are the winner!

wooohooo :-D Thank you, Heinrich!

I’m really in need of sleep, so I’ll have a new one ready for you in the morning

OK, I’m half awake & here’s my contribution.
Good luck :-)


no one? do you need some clues?

The only thing I can say is a g? no more?

some clues welcome, or more larger image?

I’d say it’s a “S”, but I have no idea what font it is.

yes JFP it’s a g.
To show more right now would reveal to much I think.
This font is not made by a european designer.

Eidetic Modern Regular


Congratulation J-F :-D You won!
Next time I’ll choose a more tricky one.

happy guy I am.
Give me couple of hours to think about an idea of a new quiz.

The new TypoQuiz is ready for you. Have fun.

It thought it could be Bell Centennial, Sys or Amplitude, but none of
them has such inktraps.

Rialto Pressa bold italic b?

None of them. Sorry.
Not the letter b too. Not a Bold Italic too. Its still a lowercase, not reversed or what ever. Its a letter who appear on the name of the typeface itself.



Tried to answer to theses questions:
EEC/US designer
dead/alive designer
major/small foundry
prize winner/not prize winner typeface

What happened to this quiz? Is it over yet?
(if so, I believe we should have the correct answer from JFP)


here come the next

Filosophia m returned?

no, this glyph is not returned.
what a glyph ist it?

Ww from a

no, sorry jean-f
this is a textface from 2001



Heinrich —

Could this be the ‘oe’ ligature from one of Luc[as] de Groot’s TheAntiqua series? I can’t find my specimen to check.

— Kent.