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The wonderful Typografie.info is now in the voting
stage of a similar contest. It's interesting to compare
the styles of entries from readers of a German-only
site with those of Typophile...

[ the contest ]

[ googletranslation ]


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interesting to see alot of the same concepts transend language

still interesting are the semiotics involved and symbols or styles used.

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The lc "y" ones are smart & nice. Almost all the rest are uberboring to me (I don't care how much Rotis they used).


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Great find Stephen!
I like 2, 3 and 11 on the first page, but don't care for anything else (but I'm an "old fart" © hhp 2002).
Those entries seem to enthuse about type better than anything else.
I haven't contributed anything myself to the Typophile contest. To be quite frank I must say that I think most entries have been lame - but seeing as I haven't come up with anything myself then who am I to judge...

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too bad all of the entries have the

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John you are right on. It's a shame.

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ack. I knew someone was gonna mention that site. there's nothing that tee's me off more than threadless.com. 5inch and the lot of them

not only is it spec-orama work, but it barely classifies as t-shirt design more like "put anything on a shirt"-"for no apparent reason" and have the public vote on how cool is it.

Its the colouring book contest of this century, not design. there's no point to them. just stay within the lines. perhaps it keeps the kids off the streets but its not design! designers work for a client, purpose, with strategy. grrr

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> "put anything on a shirt"-"for no apparent reason" and have the public vote on how cool is it.

But if you see the public as the client, then maybe it would make great sense?

> designers work for a client, purpose, with strategy

Well, not necessarily *all* of those.


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we communication to the public. the public is not asking for it, they are our muse...to see if we can persuade.

the only people who target "public" in whole to become client are either a) megacorps or b) completely nieve & have no business plan or goals.

you may call threadless, 5inch submissions "Art" or illustrations but not design. I guess I just hate how freely the word is used nowadays

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Tanya, I don't entirely agree (for one thing I think both broad and narrow definitions have their usefulness), but I have to admit that your forcefulness is refreshing (especially in the fairer sex).


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Have some fun Tanya, be an artist for a change, submit a t-shirt design.

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I am a Designer but I secretly wish I was an Artist. I'm a better programmer than painter. I dont draw I code. Designer has lost its meaning. To me to be a Designer means I arrange things in a pleasing fashion for client or public consummtion. But is Designer a dirty word these days. It seems so plain. SAme with web designer. Programmer actually sounds more offical. Anybody else have a feeling about what is Design and what it means to be a Designer in this day and age.

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'artist' was my last career. I found it very depressing, and switched to design, I ended doing more commissions anyway...and I did submit once to threadless a long time ago - reading comments and feedback from the group that frequents threadless was depressing & frustrating.

fairer sex...muahahhah ya hear my roar?

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Were you a lioness in a previous life? No fair.


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hey i was also an artist/illustrator before i became a webdesigner/programer/whatever. something i notice a lot in the web design community is the confusion between design and illustration - there is too much self-indulgent decoration and not enough communication. i know you need to push boundaries etc. but when everything has the same style applied regardless of the project surely that isn't 'design'

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YES! yes, yes...that is what I mean.

you explained my thought much better.

althought I cry whenever I get another web design/programming job just as much as I did getting commissions...long live print I hope

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Martin, you still have three whole days to get
your submission in.

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