Stereolab CD

I love this CD cover. Any idea what the type is?


Robcover 1cover 2


Looks pretty similar to FB Herald Gothic that has been smoothed at the corners. If you type “StereoLab alumInum TuneS” in their ‘flont’ test drive you get the letterforms like the sample.

Hmm… The proportions look wrong. Also, smoothening
the corners wouldn’t get you there, as they are cut off
at 45

If you’re pretty handy in Adobe Illustrator, customizing
Yearling could get you halfway there. No positive ID
yet tho.

It looks to me like the kind of thing that could be very easily done from scratch — also, allowing how old that sample probably is, even if it is a typeface it may not be available in digital form. But trust me, about an hour spent with Illustrator and Dimensions, and you could replicate this precisely. (Much to the chagrin of the original designer, who probably spent days working on it…)

I LOVE Adobe Dimensions :-) It’s supposed to have been
incorporated in Adobe Illustrator CS innit? I can’t wait to
try it out.

Yves, it is somewhat. But 3DSMAX, still is a better solution ;)

Yves indeed Adobe Dimensions is incorporated into Illustrator CS. I hope LiveMotion gets incorportated into GoLive’s next release.

>allowing how old that sample probably is

its from ‘97, i think

(big stereolab fan)