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New display type, 22 pixel high (2 for ascenders, 4 for descenders)
Some international characters miss.
Also started a version anti-aliased by hand but it looks crappy.
Let me know what you think.

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Looks nice! And useful.

1. This is actually a prime candidate for hand-AA.
2. FontFont has a font called Bagel.


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"FontFont has a font called Bagel"

So, what about Baagel? Bagelson? J
Btw it doesn't matter, that's a temporary name.


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I really like this. A bitmap font that has some heft. Ymmy! Okay so maybe it is more of the display variety, but this is really nice even still. Do you plan on designing other weights?

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Nice Greg! Bagel was a great name, I'm sorry it's taken.
Reminds me of Rundschrift (VAG Rounded). You
could derive something from that. Rundpixel? Rundbit?

The 'a' and 'e' are wonderful.

The accented caps are a bit blurry. They may need to
get a bit shorter to accommodate the marks.

This is right up Fountain's alley. You should bug them
about selling it.


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How about "BagelBits"?

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Reminds me a bit of Thirst's Oz release, but unique in its own way. Lovely.

If you run out of bagels, you could go for donut names =)

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> Also started a version anti-aliased by hand but it looks crappy.

Manual anti-aliasing requires a soft touch. Con permiso:

Left: Original 1-bit.
Middle: 2-bit rendition.
Right: Demo of Lithos-style angled terminals. ¿Suavecita, no?


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Si, muy suave: 2-bit rendition es perfecto.

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Hola greg!
Reminds me to vag rounded but is cool to see something diferent but if i have to choose for a cute-rouded font for flash suppors ..bagel its maybe more a display one cause it lost the pixel style feeling of the minifonts(you know what i mean).
But is only a comment, bagel style rules! (please make an outline version of bagel!!)

A Good & Fine Job,


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Very nice font indeed. You should keep the name Bagel, it's perfect for the font.

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This font reminds me of three people:

1. Prince Markie D
2. Kool Rock Ski
3. the Human Beat Box

This is a great font for any video game where the main objective is eating stuff. It's really cool how you keep it that heavy while low-res and still legible. I dig the fractions.

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