Pr1nt business card

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Sales representative business card for a new print brokering business I started last month. Heavy on collage illustration to show off vibrant color.
Logo P is modified from Peter Bilak's Fedra Text. text is set in Fedra Text. site to launch in mid May will use (soon to be released) Fedra Screen. I have a 3D logo in the works which is currently done in plastic plaster, I am weighing its effectiveness and aesthethics before I do it in 3D and eventually in plasma cut steel. PR1.jpg

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Ole, you've been using Fedra to great effect!

> I am weighing its effectiveness

Knowing your hardware work, you better weigh the weight too! :-)

BTW, what's different about Fedra Screen?


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The "new business card design for www.pr1nt" above the file is Fedra Screen. the f dips with a descender for starters, Anyway here is the rest of it so you can see for yourself.
Fedra Bitmat alphabet.jpg

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Very nice. I love the monetary qualities it
invokes. It's very rich without feeling overdone.

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