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Very cheerful and nifty.

I'd like to see that upward slant in the middle of the k.

Maybe you should be concerned about the letterspacing difference between the forms with "tails" and the ones without. To make the spacing consistent, you would have to overlap to make them actually connect like a script, and I don't think that's your intention.

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Some comments:
The descender ('p') seems too long.
'a', 'c', 'e' and 'r' look too wide (probably because they
have the same width of 'b', 'd', etc). Make them narrower.
Also, I don't think 'a' should have that kind of tail.

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Maybe try giving the "b" and "d" the same slope and raise as the "a", "c" and "e". The "h" looks like it could also use this treatment. the name of the font looks fantastic in the font I must say.

I noticed that the "h" is not listed in your character set display. Have you completed all LC? Any ideas on what your UC is going to look like?

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This is pretty. Should the d & b have similar thinning to that in the a? And I wonder if the k would be a little more curvy with similar fixing?

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