(x) AIGA 365 publication - Linoscript/Typo Upright {Tiff, Eduardo}

Okay, okay, first of all, I know the pic is teeny and hard to see..but it’s the only one I can find at the moment.
Some of you might know the source: it’s from AIGA 365 publication, v. 23. I can’t seem to figure out what font this is, anyone can help?? thanks!


365:AIGA/volume 23

I did a little match’em up in Photoshop. It definitely looks
like a bold(ened) Linoscript/Typo Upright, but the proportions
of the loops on ascenders and descenders are similar to
those found on Gando/French 111 BT (but there several other
characters like ‘t’, ‘d’ and the numerals don’t match up at all).
Furthermore I have the impression that the upper branch of
the ‘k’ is not open but has a loop.


Does anyone have access to old Linotype specimens? Is there
a bold Linoscript/Typo Upright-like face available on the
(digital) market?

The mystery deepens…

French script or Typo Upright

Wow! What’s this? :^)

Haha! Go Eduardo! :-)

Great ID, Tiff!
5 minutes with that tiny sample!

Wow, Way to go girl! You’re good!

Thanks!! ^5!!

The sample is a little small, but to me the loops on the k and l look too short to be Typo Upright or its near-identical twin, Linoscript, whose loops come down to the x-height. As far as I can tell from the provided sample, the loops end noticeably above the x-height. All other characters look like Typo Upright, particularly the v and the t. I’m sorry I can’t provide an alternate suggestion.

One thing to note, if I’m reading MyFonts’ Test Drive results accurately, is the stroke on the end of the v: if it rounds off a little, it’s closer to Linoscript; if it’s more of a straight angle, it’s closer to Typo Upright.

Hey Chesh,

Thanks, that sure provoked some intersting closer look. I actually like the Linoscript style better, considering the rounded off v’s. But I see what you mean by the k’s where it loops below the x-height…(taking a closer look, the b’s are the same way too!) Man, I didn’t even see that!! you are really good at the details! Thanks for trying!