(x) Meet Joe Black movie poster - Trajan {Karl}

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check out the poster and tell me the typeface please. Should be an easy one, right?

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To be fair, I probably could have guessed trajan without even looking at the image. It's so common for movie posters.

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Je hebt teveel koffie op man :-)

Anyways, that was really fast, Karl. That goes to the records for sure!

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So did I actually get that in under 60 seconds?!?

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Trajan is about the most widely used typeface for movie
posters and trailers. Small type credits at the bottom of
movie posters are almost always Univers Ultra Condensed.

Karl, that was 1 minute. Like in: ONE MINUTE. No comment.

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No, I mean it. Repeat after me: ONE - friggin' - MINUTE.

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Seriously, do you realize what you just did?

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yeah, you guys are absolutely amazing!
Thanks a lot!!

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Thanks to Karl, we'll have to include the seconds in the time stamp now. =)

(Oh, and I have to say Meet Joe Black is a great movie, even if they used Trajan.)

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er... trajan bold.

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