(x) Extra tjockt nummer - Rhode {Kent Lew}

what font is this? notice the distinct “E”.


Looks like HTF Knockout, but not an exact match.


wow thanks! as you said, its not exactly the same, it looks even better =P

Eduardo is racking ‘em up… =D

Yves —

I think you’re jumping the gun again. As Eduardo stated, it *looks like* Knockout, but it’s not.

Notice that middle arm of Knockout’s E does not extend all the way as in the sample. The leg of the R in Knockout has more ‘swagger’ than the sample. Knockout’s 1 does not feature a top extension, but instead is only a vertical with a bite out of it — very distinctive. The exclamation in Knockout descends with straight sides and then abruptly converges, unlike the consistent taper of this sample.

In fact, this is Font Bureau’s Rhode Bold Normal.

— K.

thanks alot, thats exactly the one!

I think you’re jumping the gun again.

Yeah, Kent, I’ve developped a really nasty habit of posting
something quick quick just before leaving for somewhere.
You’re right, I bow my head with shame. :/ It appears I *do*
tend to make a fool of myself these days, don’t I?