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This is perfect. For all those fashionable digital devices that have organic bodies. But I think it needs more legibility.


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did I get it right?

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Oh come now. Yes, the font lacks legibility, but if it weren't possible to deduce what a certain letter is by context, then this sort of thing wouldn't exist:


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I don't know if Tanya is kidding, but the quote is

: to me design is merely a language. :
: a means of communication :

tibor kalman

John, the concept is good and the context/readability/legibility question is worthy of a book. (book deal: Hrant, you should write a book on some of this stuff.) I call this process of creating letterforms the Lineto/fusion method. Everybody I'm sure has seen the great stuff at lineto.com. I think every gridchild has messed around with Digital variations. Miles Newlyn has a pretty good one.

You're posting this for criticism...so some of the letters -- b, k, m, v, x -- well they seem too dark. But unless you stray from the beginning forms, what can you do?

the 'b' could be light like the 'd'

the k and the x, wow, those are difficult using the forms.

I understand your context point, but maybe there's another solution to some of those darker letters to make it the forms more legible.


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John, I appreciate the core idea behind this... but I think
it has major problems if it's indeed intended to be LCD
or backlit.

Or are you designing a display face for print use
that merely looks like a backlit face? In which case you
have a lot more freedom.

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It is just for fun.

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I seriously did have a problem with the t. I understood it in 'communication' but was having a hard time with the space between what I thought was "SO ME" "Some design is merely a language" so I ignored the dot (which I thought could have been decorative) and stated the obvious form "L"

of course I knew I was wrong.

For me the problem is mixing up lower case letterforms with uppercase letterforms in crazy display format.

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Good job John. I find this font very fun. I am not sure what it would be used for, but it is a clever twist on an older design. I think perhaps even Miles Newlyn experimented with this type of design a few years ago, it was however not so bubbly.

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Thanks everyone for your comments, positive and negative.


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Starting to look kind like the Autobot/Decepticon logos -- am I dating myself?

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the cross bar on the top of the b is not needed. the K is looking more like an M. G is very close to a 9. t is still hard, but easier to read.

Have you tried sticking to just uppercase?

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the shape of the "t" is very very hard to identify."v" and "k" are too similar... and also quite hard to catch...

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