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You could spend $179.00 here


or study gratis at Typophile University under Profs. Papazian, Benson, Pemberton et al.

okay it's late. \

btw, hrant, you should write a book.

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"From the calligraphy schools of ancient China to the explosive new forms of David Carson, it's clear that type is more than just a vehicle for conveying information to the user."

"Why should we care so much about this arcane art?" - Nadav Savio.

Out of curiousity, how many explosive typefaces did Carson actually draw himself?

Arcane art. Is that a compliment or an insult?

Overall, Nadav does a nice job considering his audience.


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I'm no professor, although I've been called a "rogue academic" in ID magazine. I would have prefered "rogue scholar", but hey. BTW, get off me with the book. I already spend enough time with crap that doesn't make money. :-/


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I suspect he had plenty of interns at Garage...

he certainly knows how to f up some perfectly good typefaces now. (referring to 'End of Print') althougth had some excellent content wasn't it a chore to read. End of *his* Print career perhaps.

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opps I meant "Intuition" Carson's last.

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>>"I'm no professor"

...but you, Hrant, are better as teacher than many of the teachers I had at the University.


Ramiro Espinoza.

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I agree with Ramiro, but don't let it go to your head Hrant. ;) In fact, everyone here has had the opportunity to teach someone else something be they small points or large. (no pun intended.)

By definition, a teacher does not have to someone at a university or for that matter human. It only need be something that guides us further down our own path of discovery.

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Don't worry. I "teach" what [little] I know not because I'm qualified to, not because anybody needs it, but because I enjoy it.


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