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Chewing Thoughts

Not if already one will have struggled on the
subject, I am so new in TP that almost even not
as you think the others.

This year I have the personal commitment to
conclude a typography that I began years ago but
that by personal causes I have posponed during
long time.

This year I feel with renewed energies to give
aim him in which to structural design one talks
about, I have many feelings involved in this
typography and I do not want to conclude it by
the simple fact to conclude it.

I take advantage of east event to reframe new
questions to me, and one of them is the one that
always moves my acts: As it is the process by
which a typography arises? On which I am based
to create it.

I want to reflect this personal feeling in you,
and I would like that all we expose our mental
fluids for meditation of the rest, and I say
meditation instead of critic.

Thanks to hold to me.
I wish a happy and productive year to you.

(sorry for my english)
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Alvaro, it

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Alvaro, hay muchos aqu