Pixel fraktur

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to satisfy my current pixel fetish, i have banged
up a blackletter pixel face. i have just reached
the point where one questions the validity of such
a venture - apart from type for type's sake!

(a vision of goths 'txt'ing each other just made
me giggle...)


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Great start!
But I would use 2 pixels for the stems - for one thing, the darkness would be more characteristic.


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Really nice work. I especially like the "g" study

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this is really great! Go on! Send some Textphrases. Both 1 and 2 Pixel stem. Really like it!

Greats Jens

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I agree with you kris, there is something overtly delicate about the 1 pixel stems. I would definitely keep going with both weights.

my suggestion would be to keep the width between left and right stems a little more consistent - at 2 px instead of 1 - especially with e,n,u,v,y... they seem too thin when it's looked at as a whole

also specifically I would work on the "c" more... I like the last variation you have, just in terms of legibility. I would also work on the "s" more as it seems to sit uncomfortably above the baseline.

but many of the letters I find to be exquisite... the "i", the 5th and 6th "g" sketches, the first four "h" sketches on the second row. in all very fine work you are doing, can't wait to see more

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nearly home!

i might call it klim, or maybe zaum.

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here we are. no caps though.

fire away, if you don't mind.

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> yipyop

Wow, is that hypercool opening page or what.


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Pixel Fraktur is a nice typeface with the alternate characters, an artist can mix or match characters for different letter combinations.

Does Pixel Fraktur have any capitals and any word on the release of this type face at Myfonts.com?

Yours truly,

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Robert, to tell you the truth, I had actually forgotten about this! But now that I am living at the beach with my all my time free to pretty much design type I may just get around to finishing it off. Except I don't quite know how to optimize pixels for screen use by using outlines.


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You know, there is a serious dearth of tutorials for making pixel fonts...unless I'm just not searching for the right thing. Did find these though:


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Those are ok at a glance, but I am using FontLab, and I am not too sure if the settings for Fog will work properly. Thanks for the links, Chris!


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You know what you can do, find a pixel font at the size you want, then open it in FL and see how it's put together.

Maybe some settings from those links might carry over. Sorry I couldn't find more.

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See also Mike Langlie's beautiful pixel fraktur in use at yipyop.

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