Benton Gothic, available from The Font Bureau, Inc.

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Benton Gothic is the sans serif Font Bureau designed for Worth and Martha Stewart Living. It's sort of a compilation of all of Benton's gothics. Check out the Font Bureau web site ( , but you knew that!) or their new hardcover type specimen book (fabulous!) for more info.

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Is the font available for retail purchase? I am working with a client who uses it for their corporate typeface, and have yet to see it anywhere for sale. I had looked for it earlier on the FB site and still haven't been able to find it.

(I haven't received my copy of the new FB book yet)


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The new Font Bureau book divides their fonts up into regular retail fonts (available from the usual sources) and "special" families that are available directly from FB only. Benton Gothic falls into the latter category, but is for sale as near as I can tell.

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